Our Environment Policy

The responsibility of individuals and businesses increases in our planet, where environmental degradation is increasing day by day. Our natural habitats are getting polluted with our waste, and the pressure on natural resources is increasing, many creatures are endangered, and the balance of the ecosystem is disturbed day by day due to wrong resourcing methods. These problems as a result of interactions are constantly increasing and the extent of the destruction is growing. At the centre of these problems are the people with wrong environmental policies and natural resource managements.

As Erdoba Elegance Hotel, we try to carry out our hospitality service in order to keep the quality of service above everything and to adopt and maintain quality as a philosophy of life. Our quality systems in our hotel are established with the aim of bringing the satisfaction of our guests to the highest level and we are striving to maintain it effectively with the full participation of Erdoba Elegance Hotel staff.

Erdoba Elegance Hotel adopts the following standards as a requirement of continuous improvement, health and sensitivity to the environment as a result of service quality and guest focus:

• ISO 9001 Quality Management System,

• ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System,

• ISO 14001 Environment Management System,

• Greening Hotels.

In this context;

We respect the nature and the creatures we share the nature with, protect them from the possible effects that our products and services can give to the environment, and act with the business logic where environmental consciousness kept at the highest level.

SIt is our primary duty to fulfill these obligations by following up all kinds of legal and environmental laws in order to create a sustainable environment and life.

We aim continuous training in the awareness of environmental responsibility by following the studies and fresh solutions conducted in the world in the name of environment protection, improvement and making the ecosystem sustainable and sharing them periodically with our personnel.

We aim to put to effective use as productively as possible the scarce resources of our planet and help to reduce the quantity of waste while separating the waste at its source and recycling the gradable waste such as packaging wastes and contributing to the country’s economy with clean production, conscious consumption and environment protection awareness.

We aim to realize all modernizations possible for energy and water saving, thus, to both make saving and give the least harm as possible to the nature with conscious resource management.

Maintaining a waste water quality of which the discharge quality is in conformity with control standards is one of the biggest responsibilities of our facility. In this scope, we aim to act in compliance with all laws and protect the resources with our waste water treatment system.

One other aim of ours is using products with less contaminating features in all chemicals used for cleaning, disinfection and other purposes in our facility, keeping the amount of use of these products in certain levels and training the team that will use these and make this process sustainable.

We’d like to inform our guests staying in our facility about the works we do on environment protection and provide that they support these activities.

We aim to supply for all needs of our facility by working with companies that produce products and services sensitive to the environment.

We aim to continuously increase our environment consciousness by supporting environmental projects of various non-governmental organizations, by developing projects with them and by involving in their environment protection studies.

Our purpose is;

• Prioritize the guest satisfaction,

• Develop mutual trust, respect and love with training and communication,

• Make continuous improvements in cooperation with our suppliers and regional organizations,

• Protect human health,

• Keep our waste under control and reduce natural resource use in consciousness with our responsibility to environment,

• Presenting reliable, comfortable atmospheres to our guests while we accommodate them in order that they be peaceful and happy, being a hotel brand that can respond to different expectations in same standards and that is preferred in national and international market on the subject of city hotel management with its specific style and while realizing these, placing environment awareness to the centre of all our staff without sacrificing our principles of following and protecting.