about us

Erdoba Elegance Hotel & SPA started to serve you in 2011 as the first and only 5-star hotel in Mardin. Erdoba Elegance Hotel & SPA, where you will turn your travels into pleasure with its unique architectural structure, comfortable accommodation, activity halls, congress centre, will be delighted to welcome you.

Erdoba Elegance Hotel & SPA, where quality and debonairness meet, will be happy to welcome you in the atmosphere of luxury, comfort and elegance.

Erdoba Elegance Hotel where you will meet with accommodation, wedding, SPA, café de jardin, entertainment, sports, different tastes from local and world cuisines in Mardin city centre aims to make every moment of your life unforgettable.



The most important mission of Erdoba Elegance is to create nice memories for guests. Within environment awareness and total quality belief, the benefits of our country, guests, employees and partners are to increase the highest level by using our human resources, technology, information in the most effective and productive way, by surviving our rational and pioner approaches, by generating employment and income,



With our excellent service quality, our vision is to meet the satisfaction of our local and international guests at the highest level and make them sustainable.



By accepting our guests as focus point,we have been trying to research their requests, expectations, complaints and needs and to plan appropriate services for them and to provide quality service.

While providing the products and services that are consistent with food safety principles, we have been acting in accordance with national laws and international standards in order to ensure food safety at all stages till the consumption of quests and workers.

With Strategic Human Resources management, we have been providing regular trainings for the employees of Edoba Elegance to make them conscious, to provide functionally involved structures and personel develepment, to move them forward and to increase their effectiveness.

To keep up with the constantly renewing and changing conditions, we have been making research constantly and doing our training in this direction.

To make the quality measurable, to ensure improving the system constantly related with the services given by linking the results, we have been setting targets and ensuring the cooperation of management and employees.

We have been protecting the environment by preventing the pollution that may arise from our activities and trying to be an example in this area.

Within the consciousness of Occupational Health and Safety, we aim at providing a healthy and safe environment to our all partners.